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Transformational Stories

{he}ART Heals



Our Story

{he}ART Heals is an inspiring nonprofit collective that serves as a platform for individual artists who have discovered healing through their creative endeavors. It offers these artists an opportunity to showcase their art, share their personal stories of healing, and establish connections with fellow artists.




The primary mission of {he}ART Heals is to provide a voice, visibility, hope, and support to individuals who have faced social stigmatization due to various challenges such as trauma (PTSD), addiction, homelessness, domestic violence, mental health issues, grief, illness, disability, institutionalization, and more. By sharing the transformative narratives of artists who are healing through their courageous artistic expression and by sharing their creative gifts, {he}ART Heals facilitates open communication about challenging life experiences within the artistic community.

{he}ART Heals nurtures an environment that promotes healing, creativity, empowerment, personal growth, inclusivity, meaningful connections, empathy, compassion, equality, dignity, diversity, acceptance, kindness, honesty, humanity, gratitude, love, and respect.

Through the potent combination of art and love, {he}ART Heals seeks to celebrate the inherent beauty of resilience and the remarkable strength of the human spirit.